Create a website with a pro

Create a website with a pro: 3 things to ask and 3 errors to avoid according to 20 web agencies. has just posted an article listing the best advice from professionals from 20 web agencies on the 3 things to ask and 3 errors to avoid when creating a website.

Our advices :

To ask

- Do I own the sources once the website is complete?
- Do I commit to several months with you (48 months for example)?
- Does your agency make pure tailor-made (graphics and development with your own customized CMS) or use templates purchased at a few euros + a wordpress solution where you have to pay for maintenance Day?
To avoid
- That the web provider owns the domain name
- To leave on a site without administration (because it is then not possible to change the content)
- To leave with a webmaster of his family (because by experience we recover many clients who are disgusted to have trusted the friend of the cousin germaine who promised him mounts and wonders)