Using Facebook for your business

Today, being present on social networks and particularly Facebook has become essential for: 

  • - recruiting, 
  • - finding prospects and/or partners, 
  • - carrying out business intelligence, 
  • - publicity, 
  • - etc.

But just having a page is not enough to build your community, you need some sort of relevant animation to help you boost your image on the Web and gain qualified leads. Here’s some advice: 

  • - create a recognisable avatar (business logo),
  • - choose a high-impact background photo, 
  • - fill in the "about the company" section,
  •  - add a call-to-action button at the top of the page (find out more, purchase, contact us, etc.), 
  • - add some useful applications, 
  • - publish some visual content,
  • - diversify your editorial line, 
  • - manage comments, 
  • - measure the impact of your publications. 

Find out about infographics on Hubspot.