Sustain to Contemporary Art

in Aix-Marseille & Montpellier-Sète.

The network Mécènes du sud was born in 2003 from the desire to stimulate contemporary artistic creation. Our two corporate collectives co-produce works, projects and events every year on the territories of Aix-Marseille and Montpellier-Sète.

The project.

Website makeover to boost the company's digital communication and create a veritable brand image.


  • - Tailored back office.
  • - News module.
  • - Enterprises module.
  • - Projects module.
  • - Presse publication module.
  • - Custom filters.
  • - Membership Management.
  • - Responsive design.

Website remake, administration.

Collaboration : Le Graphoir

Award :

Shop Kulte by A360DEGRES
CSS Design Awards Special Kudos for Kulte