Institute of Orthopedic Surgery

of the Bassin de Thau.

Doctors Julien ANDRIN and François LOZACH have been established since January 2017 within the Institute of Orthopedic Surgery of Sète. Dr. ANDRIN is in charge of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgery. Dr. LOZACH is in charge of hip, knee, ankle and foot surgery.

The project.

Creation of the website to announce the collaboration of the doctors and to communicate effectively on the Institute..


  • - Logo.
  • - Business cards.
  • - Business plaques.
  • - Patients jackets.
  • - Tailored back office.
  • - News module.
  • - Animations.
  • - Responsive design.

Creation of visual identity and site & administration.

Collaboration : Le Graphoir